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  Appetizer Hot

Age Tofu $8.00  
    Japanese silken tofu fried and served with scallions, dried Bonito flakes and tempura sauce
Dengaku $10.00  
    Firm tofu grilled with miso sauce and sesame seeds
Ebi Fry $10.00  
    3 pieces of shrimp coated in panko and deep fried
Edamame $7.00  
    Steamed and salted soybeans
Fried Sweet Potato $8.00  
    Sweet potatoes coated in panko and fried
Gyoza $8.00  
    Seasoned ground pork or vegetable pot stickers. Cooking options: Steamed, Fried, or Pan-fried.
Rock Shrimp $10.00  
    Fried Shrimps served on bed of chopped lettuce and topped with spicy mayo
Salmon Teriyaki App $12.00  
    Salmon fillet (4 oz) grilled with teriyaki sauce
Satay $14.00  
    Skewers of marinated chicken, grilled and served with peanut sauce and cucumber relish
Sauteed Spinach $10.00  
    Spinach, shitake mushrooms, and garlic sauteed in butter and soy
Shrimp Shumai $8.00  
    Seasoned ground shrimp dumplings. Cooking options: Steamed, Fried, or Pan-fried.
Shrimp Tempura Appetizer $12.00  
    Battered fried shrimp and assorted vegetables with tempura sauce
Soft Shell Crab Appetizer (1 pcs) $12.00  
    1 piece jumbo soft shell crab perfectly fried. Served with ponzu
Spicy Edamame $8.00  
    Steamed and salted soybeans with spicy chili sauce
Spring Roll $8.00  
    3 pieces. Cabbage, carrots, celery, glass noodle; Deep fried
Yakitori Beef 2 Skewers $10.00  
Yakitori Chicken 2 Skewers $8.00  
Yakitori Salmon 2 Skewers $10.00  
Yakitori Shiitake Mushroom 2 Skewers $6.00  
Yakitori Shrimp 2 Skewers $10.00  
Yakitori Zucchinni 2 Skewers $6.00  

" * " indicates that the item can be made spicy